About Krista Allison

I am an artist working with textiles, found objects, paint, and a variety of other mark-making media. 

I grew up in New Jersey. My mom taught me all kinds of crafts and art and thrifty habits, and my dad drove race cars and worked in a bank. Bordering our property was a huge expanse of land which had once been farmland. I spent my childhood roaming freely, finding animal bones, fruit trees and berry bushes, secret forts, and abandoned rusty field tools. I took two things from this time: a love for solitude in nature, and an appreciation of things time-worn and decayed.

So what's this stuff about? I think that the textile pieces are connected to the observable, external, tactile world and the randomness in it, while the paintings reflect an inner wilderness. The persona and the psyche, maybe. As I move forward and develop my various streams of consciousness, I hope to mix and meld them so that the internal and external can be expressed simultaneously. That's the goal: bringing all the parts together into unity.

Currently, I live and work in Asheville, NC, with my handsome boyfriend, my two beautiful cats, one mostly tolerable parrot, and a rotating roster of foster kittens.

Send me a note! I love to hear all kinds of feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism.