GET YOUR FIX is the name of my creative mending service. The concept of creative or visible mending is not new; humans have been fixing and mending and reusing their possessions ever since there have been things to possess. The modern incarnation of visible mending is in part a reaction to our current culture of hyper-consumerism and disposable goods: if it's broke, throw it out and get a new one. I propose to mend this mindset by mending your clothes. Got something stained, moth-eaten, snagged, or just dull? Send it to me, and I will use thread and needle to put new life into your wardrobe.

My current rate for all mending is $25 per hour, with a minimum order of one hour. Mending methods are typically mixed - a bit of stitching, a bit of patching; however, I aim to please and will use the methods my customers request. Here are some ideas to get you started.



Darning is typically used to repair holes in knit fabrics. It can also be adapted to provide decoration on any type of material, as a type of woven overlay. An overlaid darn can be used to artfully hide stains.

sweater fix.jpg


Patchwork is a quick, versatile, and playful way to mend. It can be used to make a quilt, to reinforce an elbow, or to add a pocket. Patches can be subtle or splashy, wild or quiet. In my patchworking, I draw inspiration from American quiltmakers and from the Japanese tradition of boro.



Embroidery stitching can be used in a simple manner, to provide texture and color, or in elaborate decorative applications. In mending, the most useful stitch is called 'running stitch', and it is the main component of both kantha (Bengali) and sashiko (Japanese) stitching.



How it works: Fill out this form. Receive and approve your pricing quote. Bring me your clothes.

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Do you need a hole patched? A sweater darned? A little rainbow stitched on a sleeve? Tell me what you envision.
How much area needs covering? Number/size of holes or stains? Be as specific as possible.
Do you prefer a subtle fix, or a high-contrast eye-catcher? No fix will be invisible, but I can make it as quiet or loud as you specify.
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